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Gartner® Innovation Insight: Data Security Posture Management
The Normalyze Platform
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Reduce Data Access Risks

Enforce Data Governance
Eliminate Abandoned Data

Secure PaaS Data

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Data Risk Management

Is your data at risk of a breach?

How much will exposure cost?

Normalyze continuously identifies and prioritizes risks based on the data context to highlight the most critical issues and their potential cost, and integrates with remediation systems to resolve them quickly.

Data Risk Management Demo


Automatically identify risks to your cloud and on-prem sensitive data, including public exposure, excessive data permissions, data exfiltration, and anomalous user activity. Visualize your security risk posture in real time with a graph of access and trust relationships that includes deep context with fine-grained process names, data store fingerprints, cloud IAM roles and policies. Using patented technology, Normalyze goes a step further to determine potential attack paths by tracing network paths at scale between cloud-resident sensitive data and all points of access.

Normalyze puts the spotlight on risk:
  • Continuous monitoring across hybrid & on-prem
  • Visual graph of access and trust relationships
  • Identity and access management risk assessments
  • Awareness of data context
  • Anomalous activity detection
  • Patented attack path detection


The monetary value of your data gives a quantitative metric to assess, communicate, and prioritize overall data security risk based on the cost of a potential breach. Rich risk scoring based on sensitivity, volume, and permissions allows security teams to advise stakeholders on the potential business impact of unaddressed risks.

Monetary value of data

Normalyze automatically calculates the monetary value of your data based on the historical cost-to-handle per breached record of equivalent data.

Drill into the high-value data stores to find the priority risks that need to be resolved first.




Out-of-the-box integrations with third-party ticketing, notification and automation platforms help security operators collaborate with DevOps and platform engineering teams to remediate risks in a timely manner. Detailed, AI-generated instructions take the burden of research off remediation teams by showing how to remediate each issue. Automated remediation workflows ensure continuous safety and compliance of sensitive data.

Remediation Support

Normalyze automates remediation with out-of-the-box integrations.


Here are the popular use cases our customers come across. Have a use case? Schedule a personalized demo with our cloud security architect!

Monetary Value Paints the Big Picture

Dashboards show the monetary value of your data and its associated security risks posture, to highlight what needs attention.
Drill down into unresolved risks by priority, type of data, and data store, to quickly pinpoint and resolve issues that put you most at risk.
That’s it!
Data risk management dashboard
Get a personalized demo of Normalyze

Our security engineers will demonstrate the platform’s data risk management and prioritization, discovery, classification, and remediation capabilities. The live demo format lets you ask questions that are relevant to your business and security environment and requirements.

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