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Normalyze partners offer value-added and managed services, such as security assessments and audits, compliance certifications, penetration testing, professional services, technical support, deployment, and more, to the private and public sectors at scale. Join the program today. 


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We make partnering easy

Our cloud data security platform is ready for VAR, MSP, SI, and technology partners. Normalyze partners can quickly and easily augment existing managed services portfolios or create brand-new data security practices. Effortless demos and persuasive POCs lead to high conversion rates; sales cycles are lightning-fast. 

Compelling Value Proposition

Data security is top-of-mind for CISOs and their teams. With Normalyze’s comprehensive solution, security and IT teams gain unprecedented visibility into data housed in public cloud, SaaS, PaaS, and on premises. Companies that operate hybrid cloud environments can manage their entire data security posture from a single platform for a complete understanding of their data attack surface.

Rapid time-to-value…

…for you and your customers. We designed our platform to be easily added to your managed services and technology portfolios. Normalyze was built in the cloud to provide simple solutions to complex enterprise data security challenges – our deployment and maintenance are rapid and low-touch. As your customers scale, it will be easy for you to provide extra value by layering additional services and capabilities onto your Normalyze offering.


Turn-key Managed Services Platform

Our platform management capabilities allow you to manage customers’ data discovery, classification, risk prioritization, and mitigation processes to meet security teams’ requirements and SLAs. Integrations with management tools, ticketing systems, and collaboration solutions enable you to provide your customers’ security teams with complete visibility into their data security landscape to and prioritize the most critical risks while improving operating efficiency and margins.

Expert Support

Our Channel group and the Customer Success team are committed to ensuring you succeed. Sales demos, sales activities, POVs, deployments, and technical support – our regional sales managers, solution architects, and customer success experts are on hand to assure an excellent pre- and post-sales customer experience. Your teams can come up to speed on Normalyze quickly.


Become a Partner

Join the Normalyze partner program to become part of the industry-disrupting Data Security Posture Management category. The time is now. Fill out the form to join our partner community.

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