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Dark Reading Interviews Ravi Ithal


CYBER 60: The fastest-growing startups in cybersecurity

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Stay informed with the Latest Insights and Developments about DSPM and Normalyze.

2024 Cloud Security Awards Shortlist

We are extremely proud to present The Cloud Security Awards 2024 shortist.

Top 12 data security posture management tools

DSPM tools help security teams to look at the entire data environment and find shadow data, reducing the risk of...

Steer Clear of the Iceberg: Navigating the Waters of New SEC Cyber Regulations

Discover how enterprise companies can get ahead of SEC regulations with data management.

Most interesting products to see at RSAC 2024

RSA Conference 2024 – Announcements Summary (Day 1)

Hundreds of companies are showcasing their products and services this week at the 2024 edition of the RSA Conference in...

New releases, updates from companies at RSA – ITOps Times

Several companies announced new products at updates today at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Normalyze Innovates to Secure LLMs and Data Lakes Against Emerging Threats

SAN FRANCISCO, May 6, 2024 — Normalyze, a pioneer of Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), announced new platform capabilities and...

Adapting Data Security for the Modern Cloud Era

Data security products have been available for decades, but as enterprises shift from on-premises data centers to cloud-based environments, traditional...

Data Management News for the Week of May 10; Updates from Atlan, BigID, Stibo Systems & More

Keeping tabs on all the most relevant big data and data management news can be a time-consuming task. As a...

AI Is The Past, Present And Future Of Cybersecurity

The 2024 RSA Conference brought together some of the brightest minds and most innovative companies in the cybersecurity industry. The...

Storage and Data Protection News for the Week of May 10; Updates from Cohesity, NuLink, Zerto & More

Keeping tabs on all the most relevant storage and data protection news can be a time-consuming task. As a result,...

20 Persistent Cloud Myths Holding Businesses Back

There’s real promise for businesses across industries in moving to the cloud, especially with so many companies operating with remote...

New releases, updates from companies at RSA

ArmorCode today announced the general availability of AI Correlation in the ArmorCode Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) Platform.

Most interesting products to see at RSAC 2024

Tools, platforms, and services that the CSO team recommends 2024 RSA Conference attendees check out.

Steer clear of the iceberg: navigating the waters of new SEC cyber regulations

Steer Clear of the Iceberg: Navigating the Waters of New SEC Cyber Regulations

Normalyze co-founder and CEO Amer Deeba dives into the challenges of data breach revelation amid rising cyber threats.

Forbes Technology Council: Avoid the Achilles Heel of Zero-Trust Security

Forbes Technology Council: Avoid The Achilles Heel Of Zero-Trust Security

Normalyze CTO Ravi Ithal examines leading models for zero trust and how best to approach a zero trust implementation.

Techstrong TV Interview: The Importance of DSPM

Techstrong TV Interview: The Importance of DSPM

Normalyze CEO Amer Deeba explains why organizations should rely more on data security posture management (DSPM) platforms to reduce risks.

Security Success in 2024 Will All Come Back to Data

Security Success in 2024 Will All Come Back to Data

The conversation all comes back to data – where it lives, where it is going, and how to keep it...
IT professional Amer Deeba disrupts cloud security platforms

IT Professional Amer Deeba Disrupts Cloud Security Platforms

Global Banking & Finance Review profiles Amer Deeba and how his experience and philosophy have driven the growth of Normalyze.

Insight Sam 2024 Predictions

76 Data Management Predictions from 44 Experts for 2024

Normalyze CEO and co-founder Amer Deeba predicts SEC regulations will impact the one area we don’t want to talk about:...
Data protection: CISO Tradecraft Interviews Amer Deeba

Data Protection: CISO Tradecraft Interviews Amer Deeba

CISO Tradecraft host G Mark Hardy and guest Amer Deeba, CEO and co-founder of Normalyze discuss the importance of data...
Pulse 2.0 Interviews Ravi Ithal

Normalyze: Solving Problems IT Security Teams Face In Cloud And Data Security In An $18 Billion Market

Normalyze CTO and co-founder Ravi Ithal discusses his approach to building a company that gives organizations the peace of mind...
Black Hat Interview: Amer Deeba + Techstrong

End-to-End Visibility into Your Cloud Data: Techstrong Interviews Amer Deeba

In this TSTV interview, Normalyze ‘s Amer Deeba addresses the key challenges in data security across cloud, on-premises, and SaaS...
Focus on Data: Improve Cloud Security -- Dark Reading Interviews with Ravi Ithal

Black Hat Dark Reading Interview Ravi Ithal

Dark Reading interviews Normalyze CEO and Co-founder Ravi Ithal, where he unpacks the power of Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)...

Preparing For Cybersecurity Disclosures Set For Public Companies

Ravi Ithal, CTO and co-founder of Normalyze, discusses the implications for compliance of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)...
New York Stock Exchange

NYSE Interview with Normalyze CEO Amer Deeba

From insights on the Black Hat conference to the power of collaboration in the cyber sector, Normalyze CEO Amer Deeba...
Ravi Ithal at DarkReading

Normalyze: How Focusing on Data Can Improve Cloud Security

In this Dark Reading News Desk segment, Normalyze’s Ravi Ithal discusses cloud security and data security posture management (DSPM).

cloud computing

Normalyze Makes History, Receiving the First-Ever DSPM Patent

Normalyze has been granted the first-ever patent to date for DSPM addressing cloud data attack path detection based on the...
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