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The Normalyze Platform
Supported Environments
Platform Benefits

Reduce Data Access Risks

Enforce Data Governance
Eliminate Abandoned Data

Secure PaaS Data

Enable Use of AI

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Normalyze Cloud Platform

Our agentless data discovery and scanning platform is easy to connect to any data store – in SaaS, PaaS, public or multi-cloud, on-prem or hybrid environments. There is nothing for you to deploy or manage.

100% agentless scanning architecture

Normalyze scans all your structured and unstructured data and visualizes access and trust relationships as well as data attack paths to provide a comprehensive and prioritized view of risk. No data is copied outside your environment, ensuring maximal security, data integrity, and cost-efficiency.

100% agentless scanning architecture

Platform Capabilities

Scanning and Classifying

One-Pass Scanner™
The Normalyze patented single-pass scanner provides customers with rapid discovery and the most accurate classification on the market. Teams can scan data at scale (~1TB per hour) without extensive set-up or manual tuning – the spin up, scale out, scale down and tear down are all managed by the Normalyze platform.

New scanning capabilities focus on identifying sensitive data being used in Large Language Models (LLMs) like Microsoft Copilot or ChatGPT to ensure that AI-generated content does not expose sensitive company information. In addition, Normalyze also helps secure your cloud-based AI deployments in AWS Bedrock and Azure OpenAI by detecting any sensitive data being fed into the foundational or custom models.

Data Classification
Normalyze provides the most accurate classification of data in the market, with out-of-the-box classifiers to identify and categorize the contents of all supported data stores and custom classifiers to identify proprietary, confidential data that is unique to individual environments. Continuous classification immediately notifies on the discovery of sensitive data in newly added databases, tables, or columns. A learning capability continuously improves classification accuracy, and workflow integration enables teams to fix false positives. OCR capabilities enable classification of text within scanned documents or images, improving data capture from diverse non-text formats.

DSPM for Snowflake
Snowflake customers now have advanced tools to automate data discovery and classification of massive amounts of data. The customized Snowflake Data Access Graph shows access and trust relationships so you can apply the principle of least privilege to ensure users have the minimum level of access necessary for their roles. Anomaly detection alerts you to suspicious activity such as data access from unexpected locations or unusual spikes in data downloads. Native Snowflake integration adds Snowflake Horizon’s comprehensive security and compliance capabilities to Normalyze’s unparalleled DSPM features.

Supported Data Stores
Normalyze data discovery capabilities are engineered to seamlessly scan and classify a diverse range of data environments. Support for an extensive array of data stores ensures comprehensive visibility into all structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data across your entire data landscape. With its common data discovery and classification framework, Normalyze can add support for new data store technologies quickly.

Specialized API for LLM Security
Normalyze offers specialized APIs for LLM security that can be used to conduct real-time sensitivity analysis of data going into and out of LLMs, while providing full governance and visibility into your data usage. These APIs can be easily integrated into existing customer workflows, helping keep costs down and increasing security for services like Microsoft Copilot.
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Querying and Analyzing

Signature Builder™
With this advanced tool, security teams can understand and tune the signatures being used, create customize queries and share across the security community. This approach eliminates the “black box” mystery and significantly enhancing trust and understanding in the system’s detections and alerts.

This unique risk prioritization feature assigns monetary value to data, with a ranking to help data and security teams assess the relative business impact of potential data loss.

Data Risk Navigator
Normalyze provides visualizations of attack paths that can lead to data breaches or loss. Each graph is generated and updated in real time, providing visibility as changes to customer infrastructure or environments take place.

AI-Driven “Ask Me Anything” Queries

Democratizes risk assessment, offering instant, intelligent responses to user queries about threats, complemented by AI-crafted remediation steps verified by security experts for accuracy and effectiveness.

Data Access Graphs™
These display access and trust relationships that includes deep context with fine-grained process names, data store fingerprints, IAM roles, and policies displayed in real time. Locate all data stores containing sensitive data, find all access paths, and score potential breach paths based on sensitivity, volume, and permissions to show all breaches waiting to happen.

Anomaly Detection
Identify suspicious activity including data exfiltration, potential account takeover by continuously baselining user activity and identifying abnormal behavior that is indicative of risky activity, without relying on pre-configured rules or policies.

Remediating Workflows

Workflow integrations
Out-of-the-box integrations with third-party ticketing, notification and automation platforms help security operators collaborate with DevOps and platform engineering teams to remediate risks in a timely manner.

Human-in-the-loop machine learning
New learning capability continuously improves classification accuracy and remediation recommendations based on user feedback and actions.

Outbound integrations with ticketing and notification solutions can be easily achieved via webhooks that are available out-of-the-box. Open APIs also enable easy integration with third-party solutions to bring their data in and integrate it into the Normalyze graph. Any data you see on the UI is also accessible via APIs.

Remediation checklist and validator
Created by AI and validated by humans, remediation steps are outlined in a checklist for data and security teams to assign or put into a workflow. The validator capability automatically detects and acknowledges successful risk mitigation, akin to a “check engine” light for data security, ensuring continuous protection without manual confirmation.

Normalyze has achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance with an unqualified opinion validated by independent experts, demonstrating enterprise-grade best practices to protect our customers’ data.

Trusted by
Global Customers

A huge security challenge is understanding your data landscape and isolating an attacker’s lateral movements in exposed cloud infrastructures. Our security teams are always excited about new capabilities in this space that can give us more visibility on data exposures. The interactive visual tools and new intelligence derived from data lineage are a game changer for detecting sensitive data in motion, alerting on risky behaviors, and quickly shutting down an attack.”

Rohan Singla
Sr. Director, Head of Security and Privacy at ChargePoint

Normalyze’s comprehensive approach to data security, with its cloud-based solution catering to various environments and its innovative One-Pass Scanner, highlights its dedication to safeguarding valuable data for midsize to large enterprises. By providing customizable remediation options, Normalyze’s DSPM solution empowers businesses to proactively address security risks and maintain a robust data security posture.”

Paul Stringfellow
Contributing Analyst at GigaOm

Simple and easy

Fully cloud-based, agent-less (nothing to deploy), 10 minute time-to-value.

Normalyze deploys functions in your cloud environment to do the discovery and scanning of data, access, and permissions. It’s a fully automated process and all results and workflows are accessible through the Normalyze UI or APIs.

Normalyze integrations

Integrations and

Normalyze provides out-of-the-box integrations with 3rd party ticketing, notification and automation platforms

This helps security operators to collaborate with DevOps and cloud engineering teams to fix problems in a timely manner and remediate risks.

Out-of-the-box integrations include

DSPM for Dummies

Your guide to Data Security Posture Management