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Normalyze + Snowflake Horizon: Advanced Data Security Posture Management

Vamsi Koduru
April 24, 2024

Normalyze is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Snowflake to help organizations more effectively secure their data in Snowflake.

The flexibility of PaaS environments like Snowflake has resulted in greater movement of data, more copies of data, and more users accessing data. While this flexibility is great for data analysts, it causes security teams to more easily visibility into and control of the sensitive data in these environments.

Why This Matters to You

Using Normalyze’s native integration with the Snowflake Data Cloud, customers can now seamlessly secure their data using Snowflake Horizon’s security and compliance capabilities in conjunction with Normalyze’s industry-leading data security posture management (DSPM) capabilities: Data Discovery, Data Classification, Access Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance.

What Normalyze Offers to Snowflake and Its Customers

  • Automated Data Discovery and Classification: Normalyze transforms the daunting task of locating and protecting data into a streamlined process. Our tool automatically discovers and classifies data within your Snowflake environment, providing a clear map to safeguard your valuable assets.
  • Precise Access Management: Our Data Access Graph offers unmatched clarity and control over data access rights, eliminating the guesswork and enabling precise management of data permissions.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Risk Detection: With the rising costs associated with data breaches, proactive monitoring and risk detection are critical. Normalyze’s continuous monitoring capabilities enable organizations to stay ahead of potential security threats, safeguarding against costly breaches and exposures.
  • Enhanced Data Privacy: In an era where GDPR fines can reach staggering amounts, Normalyze ensures your data remains within a secure perimeter, mitigating the risk of compliance violations and fines.

Diving Into What Normalyze Brings to Your Table

The Map to Your Data

In the quest for comprehensive data security, navigating without a clear map can be daunting. Normalyze introduces an automated discovery and classification system, akin to an astrolabe guiding sailors by the stars, pinpointing the exact location of your digital assets within the Snowflake environment. This system acts not merely as a map but as a strategic guide, revealing the whereabouts of sensitive data and laying the foundation for its protection. To top it off, Normalyze is a Snowflake Connected App that allows you to reap all these benefits directly within your Snowflake environment.

Precise and Clear Access Management

Navigating the intricacies of data access permissions presents a significant challenge for many organizations. Normalyze addresses this complexity with the Data Access Graph, which acts much like a crystal ball, offering a transparent and detailed view of an organization’s entire access rights framework. Shedding light on permissions and access structures removes the uncertainties commonly associated with managing data access rights.

With this enhanced visibility, administrators can adjust and tailor who has access to specific datasets, ensuring that each user’s access rights are both appropriate and justifiable. Additionally, the Data Access Graph is seamlessly integrated with Snowflake, for an easy-to-use, intuitive workflow from issue identification to resolution. Whether issues arise from improperly inherited rights or excessively broad privileges, the integration is designed to identify and resolve them efficiently.

A Companion to Snowflake Horizon

Snowflake Horizon is the data cloud’s built-in governance solution with a unified set of compliance, security, privacy, interoperability and access capabilities.

The partnership with Normalyze provides Snowflake customers with enhanced data protection across four areas:

  • Compliance – together, we ensure that data handling and storage practices meet regulatory standards and requirements. 
  • Security – the power of our combined solution offers data protection measures and authorization controls to safeguard the environment against unauthorized access and potential breaches. This includes tri-secret secure networks, Privatelink connectivity, encryption, database roles, RBAC, row access policies, masking policies, and dynamic data masking.
  • Privacy – Snowflake Horizon with Normalyze protects the confidentiality and integrity of data, especially sensitive information, with advanced privacy policies and the creation of data clean rooms. 
  • Access – Normalyze supports Snowflake Horizon capabilities related to discovering, classifying, and helps admins prioritize actions on sensitive or critical data that is highly vulnerable through advanced tagging and classification with unparalleled accuracy. 

Normalyze: Supporting the New Age of Snowflake Security

Our journey with Snowflake Horizon isn’t just about adding another layer of security; it’s about transforming how you protect your data. Together, we’re making sure your Snowflake-powered data isn’t exposed to unnecessary risks or exposure. Choosing Normalyze means opting for a journey with clarity, control, and a whole lot of peace of mind as your business expands. We are excited to join the Snowflake Horizon partner ecosystem and look forward to helping you enhance your data security posture.

Get Started Today

If you are already a Normalyze customer, you can use the Snowflake Connected App to store and process your Normalyze data directly in Snowflake. Sign up for early access.

If you are new to Normalyze, sign up for a demo of advanced DSPM with Snowflake!

Vamsi Koduru

Vamsi is director of product management. As a founder and entrepreneur, he is passionate about building and scaling products that change the status quo. He comes to Normalyze with a background in AML/KYC, virtual assistants, conversational design, and identities.