Data Access Governance

Find, classify, and restrict access to what matters most – your sensitive data


Evaluate the complex cloud access control configuration – resource hierarchies, service account decision trees, IAM roles, individual resource level policies, etc. – to get a simple, accurate view of access privileges for all cloud data stores.

Continuously audit the access and privileges associated with data stores as well as other cloud resources. The key is that it’s automated, and Normalyze always gives you the current state.


Restrict access to the minimum level required, which reduces the risk of data breaches. Achieve a more precise level of data access governance for users and internal and external resources.

Remove access from someone who no longer needs or uses it, also known as over-permissioned access or shadow access, ensuring that users only have access to the resources and data necessary to do their job.


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Eliminate blindspots in Snowflake data in three steps

Automated discovery and classification of all sensitive data using Normalyze’s one-pass data scanner, including custom data classes and hundreds of other data classes.
Visualization using the Data Access Graph to identify role-based access and privileges granted to users to detect over-privileged users and tweak access policies.
Least Privilege enforcement through access adjustments is prioritized in support of remediating the most critical risks first.
Access Governance Resources


Discover, Visualize, Fix

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