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Gartner® Innovation Insight: Data Security Posture Management
The Normalyze Platform
Supported Environments
Platform Benefits

Reduce Data Access Risks

Enforce Data Governance
Eliminate Abandoned Data

Secure PaaS Data

Enable Use of AI

DSPM for Snowflake




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Native Snowflake Integration for DSPM

Improve access controls and data classification

A New Era

The most accurate identification, classification and mapping of Snowflake data available at scale

As businesses leverage the flexibility of PaaS environments like Snowflake, the volume and velocity of data have significantly increased. While beneficial for data analytics, this flexibility poses challenges for security teams, making it difficult to maintain visibility and control over sensitive data.

Normalyze, in partnership with Snowflake, is here to address these challenges head-on.

Why Normalyze?

Normalyze Capabilities
for Snowflake Customers

Our native integration with the Snowflake Data Cloud empowers customers to fortify their data security using Snowflake Horizon’s comprehensive security and compliance capabilities alongside Normalyze’s unparalleled Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) features.

Automated Discovery and Classification

Quickly locate and secure your data – at scale – with One-Pass Scanning designed to identify and classify data across your Snowflake environment effortlessly.

Precise Access Management

Gain clear insights and control over who accesses your data with the Data Access Graph, simplifying the management of data permissions.

Proactive Risk Detection

Avoid the financial and reputational damage of data loss or breaches with continuous monitoring and early detection of potential security threats.

Enhanced Privacy and Compliance

Stay ahead of regulatory challenges and mitigate risks with Normalyze’s robust data protection and privacy features.

Eliminate blindspots in Snowflake data in three steps

Automated discovery and classification of all sensitive data using Normalyze’s one-pass data scanner, including custom data classes and hundreds of other data classes.
Visualization using the Data Access Graph to identify role-based access and privileges granted to users to detect over-privileged users and tweak access policies.
Least Privilege enforcement through access adjustments is prioritized in support of remediating the most critical risks first.
Eliminate Blindspots

What Normalyze Brings to the Table

  • Navigate Your Data with Confidence
    Normalyze offers a precise mapping and classification system, ensuring you know exactly where your sensitive data resides within Snowflake.

  • Clear and Manageable Access Permissions
    Shadow Data can cause a significant financial cost to the organization if breached, and therefore needs to be properly secured.

  • A Perfect Complement to Snowflake Horizon
    Enhance data governance with Normalyze capabilities seamlessly integrated with Snowflake Horizon.

Snowflake Trusts Normalyze

Snowflake’s choice of Normalyze to enhance their internal security framework is a testament to our reliability and efficiency in managing data security. This collaboration enables you to embrace new technologies confidently. In addition, Normalyze is a Select Partner in the Snowflake Marketplace

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