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Gartner® Innovation Insight: Data Security Posture Management
The Normalyze Platform
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Secure PaaS Data

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Securing Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Support the full power and flexibility of PaaS while keeping your data secure

PaaS Security Challenges

PaaS solutions provide powerful and easy-to-manage environments for data analysis and insights. The flexibility of PaaS results in greater movement of data, more copies of data, and more users accessing data through complex permissions hierarchies. As a result, security teams lose control of and visibility into the most vulnerable enterprise asset, the data.

Normalyze helps security teams get a handle on PaaS security by automatically discovering and cataloging data in PaaS, giving insight and control of data access, identifying and prioritizing data risks, and enabling remediation of issues.


Normalyze enables security teams to keep track of data in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) infrastructure. With its patented single-pass scanner, Normalyze doesn’t just discover your databases, schemas, tables, views, and columns—it catalogs and classifies hundreds of data types, including custom rules and patterns. Normalyze seamlessly works within your own cloud infrastructure, ensuring your sensitive data never leaves your hands while eliminating compliance violations.

  • Easily and automatically identify sensitive data in your PaaS environments so you know what data needs protection. The monetary value calculation helps focus efforts on securing the sensitive data that is most important to the organization.


In addition to monitoring your cloud assets. Normalyze paints a crystal-clear, live picture of who has access to what—right down to the last byte of sensitive data in your PaaS infrastructure. You instantly see the roles enabling such access, allowing you to right-size privileges. Using QueryBuilder, even query-language novices can effortlessly pinpoint overprivileged roles and users that pose a risk to your organization.

  • Normalyze transforms cloud security workflow by automatically correlating operational data and mapping each user’s access path to sensitive information, complete with intermediate roles. This granular insight allows security teams to adjust access policies, pinpointing which roles to modify for right-sizing user privileges.


A robust library of pre-built risk signatures continuously scans query-level activities in your PaaS infrastructure, instantly flagging irregularities like data exfiltration risks and insider threats for immediate security investigation. Beyond traditional risk detection, Normalyze revolutionizes real-time alerts for key activities, such as sensitive data discovery or privilege changes, all customizable to trigger seamless notifications via email, Slack, Teams, or even ticketing systems like JIRA and ServiceNow.

  • View the top risks against your Snowflake data, filterable by tags and sortable by impact and likelihood. Click the risk to find each instance of that risk and detailed remediation instructions.
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