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The Normalyze Platform
Supported Environments
Platform Benefits

Reduce Data Access Risks

Enforce Data Governance
Eliminate Abandoned Data

Secure PaaS Data

Enable Use of AI

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Data Discovery & Classification

Where is your data?
What type of sensitive data do you have?

Normalyze enables rapid and cost-effective discovery and classification of all data stores – even the ones you do not know exist – without removing data from your environment.

Continuous discovery

Onboard cloud accounts in minutes and get a comprehensive view of all your cloud data assets and their associated risk posture. Normalyze automatically discovers and provides an up-to-date visual inventory of structured and unstructured data across the entire cloud environment, including shadow, abandoned, and unmanaged data stores. Teams can quickly assess which data is accessed (or not) and by whom – and enforce least privilege access with a single click.

Normalyze supports
  • Block stores
  • Object stores
  • Managed cloud databases
  • Managed cloud data warehouses
  • Self-hosted, embedded databases
  • Data stores in isolated private cloud environments
  • On-premises data stores (private data centers)


Classify regulated data including PII, PCI, PHI, etc. across unstructured data stores as well as databases, tables, and columns in structured data stores. Create custom classifiers to identify proprietary, confidential data that is unique to your environment.

Normalyze performs sensitive data classification in over 30 data stores across multiple cloud platforms and on-premises environments. These include:

  • AWS DynamoDB
  • Azure CosmosDB for Mongo
  • Azure CosmosDB for PostgreSQL
  • Azure CosmosDB for Cassandra
  • and more


Don’t know what you are looking for? Unlike solutions that require you to decide before starting discovery, the Normalyze Single Pass Scanner discovers everything.

Instead of moving the data out of your environment, Normalyze brings the scanner where your data lives, respecting privacy and data residency (in compliance with GDPR and other regulations).

The scanners detect all classes (100+) of data with a single pass through all data stores.

Lower cloud costs, rapid results

The highly efficient Normalyze scanner analyzes the data stores with minimal utilization of your cloud resources and significantly reduces your cloud spend.

The massive parallelizability ensures quick turnaround, so you are not waiting for results.


Here are the popular use cases our customers come across. Have a use case? Schedule a personalized demo with our cloud security architect

Data discovery and classification in AWS

Connect to AWS account. Normalyze only requires read-only permissions to connect to data stores. The entire process takes 10 minutes.
Trigger a scan with a click of a button. Normalyze’s intelligent sampling allows you to get insights about petabytes of data without having to scan every single byte.
That’s it!
Assess business impact and prioritize risk

View the results in a comprehensive dashboard that shows not only your data stores and classes of data but also their monetary value to the organization.

Instead of spending time addressing risks that do not impact the business, focus on what matters most – your sensitive data.

The massive parallelizability ensures quick turnaround, so you are not waiting for results.

Data Discovery & Classification Resources


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Get a full picture of your sensitive data landscape and discuss your use case live with a security engineer.