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CYBER 60: The fastest-growing startups in cybersecurity
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Normalyze Named to Cyber 60

Amer Deeba
December 14, 2023

I’m thrilled to announce that Lightspeed Venture Partners has named Normalyze to the Cyber 60 list of the fastest-growing startups in the field of cybersecurity. This award recognizes Normalyze as one of the top 60 venture-backed cybersecurity companies in the market today.

This recognition is especially satisfying because it independently validates what our customers are already telling us – that Normalyze solves real problems around data security in a way that is comprehensive, scalable, and reliable.

Data Security On the Rise

According to the Lightspeed CISO survey accompanying the report, “97% of CISOs in our survey said data security was a very important or important spending priority in their upcoming budget cycle.” 

That’s where the Normalyze laser focus on protecting organizations’ most important asset – their data – comes into play. 

“There are two extremely important challenges that Normalyze solves,” explains Bernard Brantley, CISO of Corelight. “The first is: do I know where my sensitive data resides and how the systems are configured? Second: do I clearly understand the risk facing my data and systems? Normalyze presents me with these views.”

Our patented attack path detection technology for data risk detection is a first in the DSPM industry. By automatically tracing network paths at scale between cloud-resident sensitive data and all points of access to determine attack paths, Normalyze gives the most complete assessment of risk to sensitive data. Integration with remediation systems ensures issues get resolved quickly.

“Normalyze’s ability to connect the dots around data – including accesses, identities, vulnerabilities, and configurations – helps us understand where the real threats are and remediate them in near real-time. It is a game changer for securing our cloud environments,” said Rahul Gupta, Head of Information Security and GRC at Sigma Computing.

The AI-Driven Future

The Cyber60 report highlights the increasingly important role of generative AI in the fight against cyber threats. According to Guru Chahal of Lightspeed, “the potential for founders to build AI-native security solutions is perhaps the single greatest cyber opportunity of this era.”

Normalyze technical leadership comes into play here as well. Our platform adds contextual remediation guidance for every risk, minimizing the need for coordination between security and devops/engineering team members and reducing time to remediation. A natural language interface helps team members at all skill levels identify and prioritize risks across multiple platforms. And that’s just the start as Normalyze continues to integrate ML & AI more deeply into our platform.

Customer Focus

I want to take this opportunity to thank our customers and design partners for their contributions to the Cyber 60 award recognition. As the co-founder and CEO, I’m constantly in touch with our customers, and they are instrumental in driving how we build our DSPM platform to solve their ever-changing data security challenges they face daily. Looking ahead to 2024, the whole team at Normalyze is excited to expand our capabilities and enhance data protection for companies of all sizes.

Want to know more? Contact me at amer@normalyze.ai or schedule a free demo.

Amer Deeba

Amer Deeba is the CEO and co-founder of Normalyze, the pioneer in Data Security Posture Management (DSPM).