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Gartner® Innovation Insight: Data Security Posture Management
The Normalyze Platform
Supported Environments
Platform Benefits

Reduce Data Access Risks

Enforce Data Governance
Eliminate Abandoned Data

Secure PaaS Data

Enable Use of AI

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What's keeping you awake?
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Secure data wherever it is
Secure data wherever it is
in Saas, PaaS, public or multi-cloud, on-prem or hybrid environments

Discover and classify data

Assess and prioritize risks

Remediate and prevent issues

Normalyze named Outperformer
GigaOm Radar Report for Data Security Platforms
Normalyze named Outperformer for discovery and classification of data at scale
DSPM for Dummies
DSPM for Dummies
Your guide to Data Security Posture Management
What's keeping you awake?
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Secure data wherever it is
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Normalyze named Outperformer
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Do you know…

where your data is?
who’s accessing it?
how much it’s worth to you? 
if it’s at risk? 
what needs your attention?

If you can’t answer these questions, you need Normalyze.

With thousands of data security tools in the market, data breaches continue to happen on a daily basis.

To solve this problem, Normalyze takes a data-first approach to security. Normalyze is the pioneer of Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), helping global enterprises secure their data across Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, on-premises and hybrid environments.

By understanding where valuable and sensitive data is, the resources that access it, and how it is being used, data and security teams can collaborate on security and governance plans that make sense for the business.

The Normalyze DSPM platform helps discover and classify data stores, prioritizes what’s important, identifies risky and excessive access, detects and helps remediate exposure risks, and saves time by providing compliance reports. By combining insights into data, access, and risk, Normalyze enables a data-first approach to securing even the most complex data landscapes.


it Works

The Normalyze agentless and machine-learning scanning platform continuously discovers sensitive data, resources and access paths across all cloud environments. It generates a graph of access and trust relationships that gives you the ability to analyze, prioritize and respond to cyber threats that can lead to any sensitive data access, and prevent data leakage in real-time.

Discover and Classify Data

Normalyze enables rapid and cost-effective discovery and classification of all data stores – even the ones you didn’t know you had – without removing data from your environment. Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, Normalyze enables organizations to gain precise insights into their data landscape with high accuracy in identifying and categorizing data assets.

Assess and Prioritize Risks

Normalyze’s platform uses advanced algorithms, real-time monitoring, and the context of the data to detect and rank potential risks effectively. With a focus on accuracy and timeliness, Normalyze enables organizations to swiftly identify and address data vulnerabilities, ensuring proactive risk mitigation and enhanced data security measures.

Remediate and Prevent Issues

Remediate effectively and efficiently with out-of-the-box integration with remediation workflows, AI-driven remediation steps, adaptive learning based on user feedback and actions, and a remediation validator to detect and acknowledge successful remediation.

Analyze data risk in any environment in two easy steps

Follow simple steps to onboard all data stores across your hybrid infrastructure into Normalyze.

After viewing dashboards, drill down to assess and remediate the data risks in your hybrid environments.

Platform Integrations

Normalyze connects to the leading data sources and workflow tools

Securing LLM models

IaaS and PaaS

Securing SaaS data

Securing on-prem data

Integrated workflows

Trusted by Global Customers

Continuously discover data stores, sensitive data, identities and access privileges

Sri Gopalakrishnan, VP Enterprise Data Platforms at PayPal


“Data security is important to any enterprise company that wants to protect its brand and reputation. The key to keeping customer data safe and secure is to know where data resides, who has access to it and how it moves. Protecting customers’ data in cloud environments requires companies to scan, catalog and classify it in order to detect and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. I am impressed with the product Normalyze has launched and I am confident on the impact it will have in protecting data for enterprises.”

Drew Daniels, CISO at Secureframe


“One of biggest challenges today for CISOs is the amount of data created, replicated. Normalyze discovers, classifies, shows access, and risk to the enormity of that data. Without Normalyze you will be exposed.”

Bernard Brantley, CISO at Corelight

“Normalyze data-first cloud security offering is a game-changer. It’s ideal that I can use the same platform as my engineers and DevOps teams, giving us the ability to visualize our cloud environments in real-time and create signatures that combine sensitive data with access details, configurations, and vulnerabilities to continuously discover attack paths and drive remediation.”

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